About Us

At OAKLEA, our mission is simple: Change the builder reputation one home at a time.

We understand the hesitation, headaches and frustration that are known to be attached when dealing with a “typical” builder. Oaklea Homes Inc. has set out to change this reputation in a simple way.

The Oaklea Homes Difference


We are open to any idea or want a client might desire in their home. We understand that we as people are individually unique and we all have different wants and needs. We are open to work with our clients as closely as we can to achieve those wants as their budgets will permit.


Wouldn’t it be nice to actually be able to talk to the “builder”? At Oaklea, the owners are available to directly attend to you by simply making one call to them. We know the frustration of trying to get through to someone in a company that can actually deal with your issue. We have made it our mandate to be available and ready to attend to you when you need to be attended to.


Our world changes at a rate that can feel daunting to keep up with sometimes. However difficult that may be, the Oaklea team works diligently to stay ahead of the curve. We are continually striving to be aware of and up to date with changes that effect our industry.


To lead it takes honesty and integrity. We work tirelessly to try and change the reputation builders have earned in the market place. It is our goal to become the builder that is not only known for its superior quality, but more importantly known for its honesty and integrity to its clients.


There are only one or two things in life that are more exciting than getting to live one's career dreams. At Oaklea Homes, it has been the dream of both of its owners to build quality and unique homes, and we recognize how lucky we are to get to do what we love on a daily basis. The owners of Oaklea are hands-on in every aspect of its company. We never forget the energy that comes from getting to create and live ones dreams.


It's the setting of goals and it is our intense desire to achieve those goals. Our goals are: to be ready for each and every day, offer a better product than our competition and most importantly, provide second-to-none customer service.


  • " I had the pleasure of working with Ryan and Tyler from Oaklea Homes. They both showed extreme professionalism and knowledge in custom home building, thus making the process very enjoyable and memorabl... "

    5 Stars
    Rob Gorman

  • " After careful consideration we chose Oaklea Homes to build our custom bungalow. Oaklea offered us the uniqueness in design that we desired as well as the high level of technical know-how required to e... "

    5 Stars

  • " The team at Oaklea Homes really took the time to explain the process of building a custom home and provided a great deal of flexibility to allow us to build out our dream home within our budget. Their... "

    5 Stars
    Trevor Howard